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What is Scouts BSA?

Scouts BSA offers young men and women, ages eleven to seventeen, amazing opportunities for fun and adventure, with an emphasis on character development, citizenship training, and physical and mental fitness. Watch the video to learn more!

What do Scouts do?

Scouting offers amazing adventures for young men and women. Centered on outdoor activities, like hiking, fishing, shooting sports, handicrafts, climbing, and more, Scouts work toward the coveted Eagle Scout rank in our programs focused on character development, service and citizenship, and physical and mental wellness.

Scouts, young men and women ages eleven to seventeen, work on ranks, the requirements for which emphasize core Scouting values. While working the ranks to achieve the pinnacle of Eagle Scout, Scouts also explore dozens of careers, vocations, and hobbies through the incredible merit badge program.

Where will my child start?

All Scouts, regardless of starting age, begin at the same place, the Scout rank, where the basics of Scouting are mastered. Progressing through the ranks, new requirements for service, enrichment, challenge, and adventure are presented!

Scout Troops and Meetings

Scouts are members of a troop. Troops are attached to a chartering organization, usually a church, school, or community organization, and meet weekly. There are a number of troops in the Mid-South, and you can find one by searching the BeAScout Web page, embedded at the end of this page!

Parent Testimonials

Hear from some Scouting families!

Scout Life, the official magazine of Scouting

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Parents, download Scouting magazine, for Scouters (adult leaders) on your iPhone or Android devices.

Scouting is a great value! Your son or daughter will have the opportunity to engage in unique, fun, and safe activities that emphasize character development, active citizenship, and physical and mental wellness. Check out the table below for a summary of the Scouting program fees. In addition to these fees, packs may charge monthly or yearly dues and activity/campout fees.

How does my family start Scouting?

Scouting units (troops) meet at churches, schools, and community organizations all over the Mid-South. Chances are that the right troop for your family meets just a few minutes away from where you live.

Check out the site below to find a troop near you!

You can also e-mail Ken Allen, or call 901-327-4193 (the Chickasaw Council Scout Service Center) for more information!

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The Chickasaw Council

The Chickasaw Council is the local arm of the Boy Scouts of America in the Mid-South. The council hosts events and offers programs that support the year-round Scouting offered in units (packs). Serving Memphis and Shelby County, Crittenden County in Arkansas, and fifteen counties in northwest Mississippi, the council volunteers and staff bring the promises of Scouting to life!

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The Eastern District of the Chickasaw Council covers Arlington, Lakeland, Cordova, Germantown, and Collierville; check out the Eastern District Facebook Group for great Scouting resources!

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